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Key Metrics and Insights: June 2024

July 9, 2024 in Technology, Ecosystem
Avatarby Polkadot

Welcome to your go-to source for the latest tech updates, key metrics, and discussions within Polkadot, brought to you by the Parity Success Team. This blog series covers a variety of topics, drawing insights from GitHub, project teams, and the Polkadot Forum.

Core metrics

OpenGov activity

In June, OpenGov provided more evidence that Polkadot really is the world's largest DAO. Voter turnout slightly declined compared to May, but the number of referenda is still going strong.

OpenGov allows any DOT holder to have their say in Polkadot’s governance. Check out some of the most interesting metrics, highlighted below:

  • The month of June saw a total of 1,131 ‘unique’ voters. That’s to say individuals who voted at least once throughout the month 
  • This month, there were 103 referenda, 65 of which were approved, 25 rejected, 11 timed out, and two canceled.

GitHub activity

“Can the devs do something?!”

Polkadot’s developer metrics keep on growing! Highlighted below is a brief overview of the latest GitHub activity metrics.

  • Total Repositories: The total number of repos within the Polkadot Network now stands at a phenomenal 27,810
  • Weekly Commits: Currently sitting at 4,683 weekly commits, hovering close to the 5,000 mark throughout the month
  • Weekly Developers: An average of 750 to 850 active developers seen each week throughout the month

Forum activity

The Polkadot Forum is the home of discussion for the Polkadot ecosystem. It’s a place where ideas, proposals, and queries are collected and worked on. Below are some key metrics from this month’s incredible growth.

  • 153 new faces joined the Forum this month
  • 92 new topics and 531 new posts were created

Additional metrics for the month:

Page Views

User Visits


Last 30 Days




Reigning champs

The Polkadot Forum's top three engaging topics are featured each month.

  1. Triggering a certain amount of drama(!), we’ve got the “2024-H1 Polkadot Treasury Report” by Alice_und_Bob! A regular on the Forums & a regular reigning champ, we’ll be looking forward to his next report.
  2. Next, we’ve got the “New Polkadot Ledger App” by Parity’s own Santi Balaguer, outline an ecosystem-wide effort to bring the Polkadot Ledger App to life. 
  3. Finally, in third place we’ve got “Polkadot's Economics: Tools to Shape the Forseeable Future” by Jonas! If you’re looking to get involved with the economics and how we can tweak them in Polkadot, then be sure to check out the topic linked.

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is the go-to place for all developer-related queries.

June presented a slower month in terms of questions asked, but around 60% of questions were answered. In total, 53 questions were submitted, 31 received a reply, and 22 were unanswered.

Snapshot of the Stack Exchange chart showing cumulative user growth throughout June

Coretime Metrics

Kusama Coretime metrics are back! Remember, Coretime on Kusama is still in its early stages, so the data will be as well.

Let's take a look at some of the more interesting metrics:

Total Purchases: 7

  • Minimum Price: 2.83 KSM
  • Average Price: 24.06
Purchase stats for Coretime on Kusama
Price for Coretime on Kusama

Product Overview


Not even a full month since Snowbridge, the Polkadot <> Ethereum bridge, has gone live, and it is already seeing a surge in usage! No multisigs around here — almost 700 ETH have been sent via the trustless bridge from Ethereum to Polkadot’s Asset Hub.

For more information about the bridge, check out the full documentation.

Polkadot Technical Summit

The Polkadot Technical Summit is just around the corner! The day before Polkadot Decoded, over 35 independent teams will gather to tackle issues ranging from XCM to developer UX.

Keep an eye on the Forums for all workshop notes and discussions. Be sure to check out all write-ups by searching the ‘Polkadot-summit’ tag!

Open Zeppelin

The OpenZeppelin team has completed the development of its second deliverable by completing a feature-rich EVM Parachain Runtime Template. It is currently being audited by SR Labs and will be published this month. OpenZeppelin has also submitted its latest treasury proposal to help it continue to accelerate the development and deployment of secure parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Additionally, the fully audited Generic Runtime Template developed by Open Zeppelin has been merged and integrated with POP CLI—a developer's one-stop entry to deploy Polkadot parachains more quickly and with seamless support.

Alpha Program

Get started with Polkadot's Alpha program for groundbreaking development opportunities.

  • Seven new teams have joined the Polkadot Alpha Program in the month of June.
  • Blockdeep Labs has a new collaboration with the Alpha Program, providing teams with Substrate advisory calls and code reviews. Please sign up here! 
  • Check out the open office-hour sessions held on the @PolkadotDevs X space for bi-weekly sessions for developer engagement.
  • Teams can actively participate by providing feedback on GitHub with the introduction of wishlists to submit developer and user feedback on product issues for improvement. Link your list of wish issues, and upvote the ones you resonate with.

Polkadot Generic Ledger App

The Polkadot Generic Ledger app has arrived! With v1.2.5 now live, the Ledger app is fully compatible with the Polkadot relay chain and works on every compatible parachain, a huge testament to the development going on within the Polkadot ecosystem.

For more information about the Polkadot Generic Ledger App—including how to use it, adding support to your runtime, wallet support and more—then be sure to check out the latest post on the Polkadot Forum.

Stay connected

Thanks for diving into this month’s edition of Key Metrics and Insights. We hope you found the latest updates on Polkadot’s development, governance, and community activities informative.

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to learn more about any of the topics covered, feel free to email

Stay tuned for next month's insights!

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