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sub0 Europe 2023 Call for Speakers Now Open

July 20, 2023
Avatarby Polkadot

Working on innovative tech in the Polkadot ecosystem? Have an idea for a presentation, workshop, or panel you’d love to see at sub0, The Polkadot Developer Conference? You’re in luck, the sub0 Europe 2023 Call for Speakers is now open for submissions - but only until August 3rd! 📣

Don’t miss out on this chance to present new ideas, discuss innovative technology, and get feedback from builders working on all levels of the Polkadot tech stack. There's something for everyone at sub0, whether you're building - or interested in building - a custom Substrate-based blockchain, developing a dapp with Solidity or ink! (Polkadot's native Wasm smart contract language), or if you're more interested in tooling, APIs, wallets, and more.

Sub0 Europe 2023 will take place in Lisbon, Portugal & online on September 19 - 20, 2023. The entire conference will be livestreamed to virtual attendees, providing potential speakers the opportunity to reach a diverse global audience. The Call for Speakers for other potential regional events will be announced at a future date.

Sub0 is a conference dedicated to developers, which means there is a lot of space to dive deep into the tech and get input from the audience. The program should consist of both keynotes and presentations everyone can attend, as well as smaller sessions that feel more intimate and collaborative.

The goal of sub0 is to connect developers and offer actionable knowledge/skills on how to build and develop in the Polkadot ecosystem. To increase the chances of your proposal being accepted, please keep this goal in mind.

Propose a presentation, workshop, or panel discussion that unravels the complexity, demystifies the abstract, or points to new possibilities. It's not just about showcasing your tech but about contributing to a communal knowledge pool.

Submissions should focus on sharing valuable knowledge to builders and empowering them to dive into the code! You are encouraged to showcase the tech and involve interactive elements to engage the audience and fuel discussion. Please don’t submit proposals focused around project promotion or pitches.


At sub0 Europe 2023, there will be two separate tracks: a Builder Space and a Starter Space.

The Starter Space content should be tailored for those new to Substrate, the Polkadot ecosystem, and blockchain technology in general. Proposals for the Starter Space should focus on topics like the greater Web3 vision, introductions to specific concepts and protocols like XCM or CAPI, and the best ways to get started building with Substrate (e.g. the Substrate Builders program). Workshops in this track could include topics like deploying Polkadot and parachain testnets on Kubernetes and how to build an attestation service for digital assets.

The Builder Space track will be more suitable for the experienced Polkadot and Substrate builders, where they can dive deeper into technical content and workshops. The topics could range from light clients, divorcing relay and parachain nodes in the collator, BEEFY, or cover a more technical roadmap for where the Polkadot tech stack is heading.

To sum up:

Starter space - For those new to the Polkadot tech stack to learn about Substrate, ink!, Web3, and blockchain, and walk away with a clear understanding of the ecosystem.

Builder space - For builders who already have experience with the Polkadot tech stack to dive into technical topics, build during workshops, see new blockchain SDK tools, and hear about the latest developments on Polkadot and beyond.

Presentation Formats

When submitting your proposal, we ask that you specify the presentation format. You can choose from the following formats, regardless of the track you are applying for:

Tech Talk (25 minutes) - A deep dive into the technology of Polkadot and/or Substrate. Depending on the track they are intended for, proposals should be focused either on bringing new builders into the ecosystem or providing new insights to those already familiar with the technology. Tech Talk proposals must include a link to your project's Github repo.

Workshop (50 minutes) - A technical workshop demonstrating the inner workings of Substrate and/or the Polkadot tech stack. Workshop proposals should include an outline of what your educational goals are, i.e the outcome you want your audience to achieve after attending your workshop. Please also make sure to provide a link to the GitHub repo you will be using during the workshop.

Live Demo (25 minutes) - A live demonstration showcasing the unique possibilities of Polkadot and/or Substrate. Live Demo proposals must include a link to your project's Github repo.

Innovators Round Table (50 minutes) - A session for highlighting a specific topic or obstacle you have confronted while innovating with Polkadot and/or Substrate. The first half of this session should explain the use case you were tackling, your development journey, and the end result. The second half will be a Q&A format where attendees can share their experience, giving you the chance to advise and help alleviate their journey.

Builders AMA (25 minutes) - A platform for builders to share their expertise and connect with their peers. When submitting, please specify your area of expertise within the Polkadot tech stack and provide link(s) to a live project showcasing those expertise. Within the Builders AMA sessions, attendees will be able to ask you about your expertise and your project use case in an open forum format.

Selection Process

All proposals will be reviewed by an advisory board consisting of members from Parity Technologies’ Engineering team, Developer Relations team, and Marketing team. With the guidance of the advisory board, Parity’s Events team will be able to curate an agenda that showcases the best of the Polkadot ecosystem.

At the heart of sub0, it's the people like you, the builders, innovators, and forward-thinkers, who make this event a hub for learning and growth.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share what you’ve been working on, engage with the Polkadot developer community, and help others innovate without boundaries. Submit your proposal now. But remember you only have until August 3rd to do so, so don't delay!

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