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Power up with the Polkadot Alpha Program

Take your project from idea to market with comprehensive resources and collaborative development, while seizing the opportunity to shape the future of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Collaborative Building

Get support from community developers, who will help smoothen the process as you prepare to enter the market.

Gain Rapid Visibility

With speaking engagements and networking opportunities, you can maximize your visibility.

Drive Polkadot’s evolution

Join exclusive calls to stay informed about the direction of the ecosystem and contribute your feedback.

Who can join the program?

The Polkadot Alpha Program is for teams who have a project they want to take it into production and business execution. If your team is working on something that’s not yet live and you’re ready to experiment while receiving and providing feedback, get involved now.

Parachain teams

Focused on developing new chains or products within the Polkadot network, aiming to transition from prototypes to fully operational parachains and accessing coretime.

Infrastructure providers

Dedicated to enhancing the ecosystem's underlying architecture, including node services, security solutions, and API interfaces, testing for robustness and integration.

Dapp teams

Engaged in exploring and validating innovative blockchain concepts, leveraging the program's resources to refine and potentially scale their ideas into viable projects.

Why join the Polkadot Alpha Program?

The term 'Alpha' comes from alpha testing, a form of pre-production testing and iteration of product development. The purpose of the program is to enable your team to tap into Polkadot’s ecosystem of resources and bring your product into production while contributing to feedback for Polkadot’s ecosystem.

Polkadot Alpha resources

Opportunity to share feedback

Speaker opportunities

Shared best practices

Development planning

Networking opportunities

Regular updates on Polkadot’s ecosystem

Get started with Alpha in 5 steps


Share your development plan

Submit your project to get started with the Polkadot Alpha Program. Tell us about your project, your team, and your vision. Sharing your development plan helps us understand how Polkadot can support and enhance your project.


Dive into Polkadot Alpha resources

Gain instant access to a wealth of exclusive resources designed specifically for the Alpha Program. From technical guides and documentation to real-world use cases, explore the materials that will empower you to make the most of Polkadot's capabilities.


Execute your development and alpha test Polkadot

Put your ideas into action! Begin the development phase of your project and alpha test Polkadot's latest features. Experience firsthand how the platform can elevate your project, and don't hesitate to explore and experiment with the cutting-edge tools available.


Give feedback to improve Polkadot

Your insights matter. As you navigate through the alpha testing phase, share your feedback with us. Let us know what works well, what challenges you encounter, and any suggestions you have for improvement. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the future development of Polkadot.


Launch your project and repeat

Once your project has been fine-tuned and optimized through alpha testing, it's time to launch it into the Polkadot ecosystem. Showcase your innovation to the community and beyond. And remember, this isn't the end – come back, iterate, and repeat the process to stay at the forefront of Polkadot's dynamic landscape.

Sign up for the Polkadot Alpha Program

Become part of a global community of teams propelling the innovation of the Polkadot blockspace ecosystem. Have your voice heard. It’s your chance to shape the future of Polkadot and its technology. If you're part of a team with an ongoing project building in the Polkadot ecosystem, we are eager to connect with you.

The Alpha Program is operated by Parity.
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