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Polkadot system parachains

Start building with a comprehensive set of trustless, out-of-the-box functionality to launch Web3 blockchains and dapps fast and securely.

Start building with a comprehensive set of trustless, out-of-the-box functionality to launch Web3 blockchains and dapps fast and securely.

Accelerated time to market

Focus on innovation and accelerate time to market by building products in an agile and modular way.
Build confidently with first-class functionality for both current and future use cases.
Route liquidity throughout the Polkadot ecosystem via a single location.

Singular network experience

Develop dapps that operate on multiple chains benefiting from individual chain advantages.
Create deeper, more accessible liquidity across the entire ecosystem by driving sufficient support to assets beyond DOT.
Benefit from secure and reliable cross-blockchain communication via trustless bridges.
Create familiar, engaging experiences throughout the Polkadot ecosystem.

Polkadot-driven security

System parachains are part of and are held to the decision-making and security standards of the entire network. Their mission-critical functionality is governed by Polkadot's OpenGov.
Just like Polkadot itself, system parachains cannot be influenced by a small group of decision makers. They are resilient to breaches of trust or changes against the interest of the network.
System parachains are Polkadot – with technical and governance aspects handed over to the community.

Tap into core Web3 functionality

Easy-to-use, mission-critical features for the entire ecosystem.

Asset Hub

A first-class interface for creating, managing, and using both fungible and non-fungible assets.

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Bridge Hub

A hub for trustless, decentralized bridges between Polkadot and other networks like Ethereum.

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A location for on-chain collectives that cater to the needs of the Polkadot network.

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Use cases unlocked

Explore how Polkadot system parachains serve the entire ecosystem.

Asset conversion
Facilitate the conversion of DOT/USDT-USDC with less friction via the Asset Hub.
Multi-asset treasury
Make treasury proposals in any assets like DOT, stablecoins, ETH, or BTC, without leaving a DOT governed zone.
Fees in non-DOT assets
Enable users to transfer assets in and out of Asset Hub without the need to hold DOT for gas fees.
Trust-minimized bridges to other networks
Communicate with other consensus systems like Ethereum – securely and trustlessly.
Parachain token support
Custodians, wallets, and exchanges can interact with parachains without needing to run additional nodes or infrastructure.
Cross-chain liquidity bridge
Leverage blockchain agnostic liquidity and interoperability to interact with the CeFi and DeFi worlds.

Boost the launch of your Web3 project

Polkadot uses its own scaling technology to host system-level components. Make use of this functionality to supercharge your Web3 blockchains and dapps.