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Join Polkadot
@ Consensus 2023

April 26th - 28th, Austin, TX
Austin Convention Center, Booth 641

Meet the largest multichain
ecosystem in Web3

The Polkadot booth at Consensus will host 20 ecosystem projects. Drop by to talk to the teams behind some of the leading blockchains and dApps and learn how they leverage Polkadot to pioneer new Web3 use cases. Only at booth 641.

Polkadot demo stations


Smart Contracts

Astar Network supports EVM & WASM smart contracts, offers devs true interoperability with XCM & XVM


Smart Contracts

Cross-chain connected platform for dApps, that unites functionality from many blockchains

Unique Network


Capture the true value of NFTs with advanced & powerful tools for mass adoption


Decentralized Social

Frequency unlocks decentralized social at scale by giving builders low, predictable transaction costs



Interlay is building a one-stop-shop for all things Bitcoin finance

Watr Protocol

Digital Commons for Commodities

Watr is the open metaverse infrastructure for global commodity flows



Zeitgeist is a thriving prediction market ecosystem built on Polkadot

KILT Protocol


KILT provides secure, practical blockchain identity solutions for enterprises and consumers



We onboard enterprises to Web3 with customized solutions to generate revenue & improve efficiencies


Smart Contracts

Vara is a L1 network based on Gear Protocol and its unique features enable seamless dApp development

Phala Network

Cloud Computation

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3



Bifrost is a decentralized cross-chain liquid staking protocol



Nodle connects the physical world to Web3 by using smartphones as nodes



An interoperable L1 blockchain highly optimized for launching true DAOs & powering the DAO economy


Mobile Data

GIANT is creating liquid markets for connectivity so that anyone can buy, sell, trade connectivity contracts globally

Exiled Racers


Exiled Racers combines premium NFT art, fantasy league sports & gaming into one low touch ecosystem



A premier cross-chain DeX powered by Moonbeam



AstridDAO is a decentralized borrowing protocol



The community-driven NFT marketplace for Astar Networ

Astar Degens DAO


Astar Degen is a community VC DAO that makes impactful actions happen

Polkadot dots illustration

Polkadot Community Activities

Make sure you check out all the amazing side events, talks, and parties the Polkadot community has in store during Consensus 2023. Seize every opportunity to upgrade your skills, discover new tech, or simply connect with fellow Web3 builders and enthusiasts.

Coindesk Consensus side event

April 17th - June 1st


A six-week hackathon sponsored by Polkadot, where developers will be able to compete for the top Polkadot prize and strive to win a bounty from a multitude of Polkadot ecosystem teams.


Coindesk Consensus side event

April 27, 10:00

Deep Dive: Polkadot

Join an exploration of the advancements defining the Polkadot community in 2023. Learn about the tech upgrades and promising projects that are shaping the evolution of Polkadot.

Austin Convention Center: Protocol Village

ethdenver side event

April 28th, 15:00 - 23:00

Connecting the Paraverse

A late afternoon side conference that combines keynotes about the specific use cases of Polkadot ecosystem projects with roundtable discussions focusing on major common challenges.

The LINE Hotel, 111 East Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX

ethdenver side event

April 28, 19:30 - 22:30

Social Hour, Connecting the Paraverse

Join us for an exciting post-conference social hour, where you can connect with fellow attendees of the "Connecting the Paraverse" side-event of Coindesk Consensus in a relaxed and social setting.

The LINE Hotel, 111 East Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX

Experience Polkadot firsthand

Visit the Polkadot Demo Stations at booth 641 and find out firsthand why Polkadot is the fastest, most affordable, and most secure path to a custom blockchain or a multichain dApp.

Get on-the-spot demonstrations, as well as tech and roadmap updates from the builders pushing the boundaries of Web3.

Polkadot feature illustration

Low cost, high security

Polkadot provides predictable transaction fees and low-cost maintenance, while remaining among the most secure ecosystems in the industry thanks to its robust shared security model.

Polkadot feature illustration

The fastest way to build

With Substrate - Polkadot’s blockchain framework - you’ll get unmatched time-to-market. Leverage the power of pre-built modules and focus on developing your own custom business logic.

Polkadot feature illustration

Plug into a thriving ecosystem

Polkadot’s tightly-knit, fully interoperable ecosystem lets you harness the power of other blockchains and dApps. Get instant access to an abundance of Web3 integrations across chains.

Polkadot feature illustration

Multichain smart contract deployment

Escape the confines of single-chain smart contracts. Choose from multiple smart contract platforms, write code in several supported languages, and leverage custom functionality across numerous chains.

Polkadot feature illustration

Secure cross-chain communication

Polkadot enables completely secure communication between blockchains, including the dApps built on top of them. Harness the power of secure multichain integrations to develop new Web3 use cases.

Polkadot feature illustration

Innovate with forkless upgrades

Upgrade your blockchain as easily as you would conventional software. Polkadot provides forkless upgrades out of the box, so you can continually improve your tech and keep up with the pace of innovation.

Polkadot Network Logo
Polkadot Consensus Logo

Devs Doing Something:
BUIDLing in a Bear Market

Polkadot founder Robert Habermeier will be on the Consensus main stage on April 28th at 12:40 PM CDT. Rob will join the founders of other leading blockchain protocols for a panel discussion on the challenges of developing in crypto winter, scaling the technology to accommodate more users and transactions, and solving real-world problems.

Photo of Rob Habermeier co-founder of polkadot network

Explore the potential
of Polkadot
@ Web3athon

Web3athon - a virtual six-week hackathon sponsored by Polkadot - will take place between April 17th and June 1st. Don’t miss out on this chance to dive into the code, explore the full capabilities of Polkadot, and compete for multiple prizes, bounties, and grants.
Laptop with polkadot branding illustration
Polkadot Network Logo
Polkadot Consensus Logo

Embrace the evolution of
Web3 at Consensus 2023