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March 12 & 13th 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand & online

Get Ready for sub0
Asia 2024

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Who is sub0 for?

Sub0 is where Web3 innovators & visionary builders come together to share insights, work on groundbreaking ideas, and collectively stay ahead of the curve.

Rust devs & blockchain builders

Discover cutting-edge blockchain tech and tooling, learn in interactive workshops, and explore all the benefits of building on Polkadot & Substrate.

Dapp & smart contract builders

Optimize your project through composable & cost-effective blockspace and discover new options for building Wasm and EVM-based dapps.

Technical decision makers

Hear from industry pioneers, gain insights into the future of Web3, and equip yourself with the knowledge to make forward-looking, informed decisions.

Students & devs new to Web3

Learn from the top minds in the blockchain space, gain the best onboarding into the #1 blockspace ecosystem in the industry, and propel your career into Web3.

Why take part in sub0?

Looking to learn about the most advanced blockchain technology? sub0 is packed with valuable insights from the top minds in the industry.

Learn from the innovators and visionaries pushing the boundaries of Web3.

Gain critical insight into the potential and value of blockspace.

Discover all the benefits and advantages of Polkadot’s tech stack.

Explore the latest advances in Web3 technology and tooling.

Find out how peers are innovating through collaboration.

View live demos of the most advanced Web3 tools and frameworks.

Find out why Polkadot is being adopted across a wide range of industries.

Learn about innovative use cases possible only on Polkadot.

Get the most comprehensive onboarding to the Polkadot ecosystem.

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