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Polkadot Launch:
Nominated Proof of Stake Phase

Web3 Foundation was confident in the stability of the network after PoA. After reaching a sufficient number of validator intentions in the PoA phase, the network successfully transitioned to Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS). During this phase, Web3 Foundation took a step towards decentralizing the network by increasing the active validator set from 20 to 100 active community validator nodes.

Explore what you can do on the NPoS network

Now that Polkadot has transitioned to NPoS, there are a number of things that are possible on the network. Developers can continue to work on bounties, validators can begin securing the Relay Chain and validating proofs, and nominators can now participate in the staking environment by nominating validators.


Put your knowledge to work and grab one of the bounties. Build cool things like wallets, dashboards, tooling... and earn a nice bounty while doing it!

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Validators secure the Polkadot Relay Chain by staking DOT, validating proofs from collators and participating in consensus with other validators.

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Community members can now participate in the network by nominating a set of validators on the network with their DOT.

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How do we move forward?

Once Web3 Foundation was confident that the network was working well - no slashing due to client issues, functioning validator elections (approx. 100) - the Sudo key issued a runtime upgrade to enables Polkadot’s governance system.

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