Launching Worldwide Polkadot & Web3 Community Meetups

2019-06-27 in  Polkadot, Community, Global Meetups
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The Polkadot and Web3 community has grown significantly in 2019, with community events taking place around the world. We want to encourage these events and help facilitate them, so together, we can grow the global Web3 community.

Staying true to our vision of a distributed web & community, our team is here to encourage and help facilitate independently-hosted events wherever you are in the world. We have supported many events across Europe, Asia, North America, and are looking for your support to help grow the Polkadot and Web3 community worldwide.

Past events have been successfully organized across Asia, North America, and Europe. Check out some photos from recent meetups in Bulgaria and Istanbul:

Polkadot Istanbul Substrate Workshop April 2019
Polkadot Istanbul Meetup June 2019

As you can see below, membership growth and RSVP growth both climbed steadily between February and April. While we love hearing about conversations regarding Polkadot, meetups also cover a wide range of web3 stack topics such as Whisper, IPFS, Libp2p, and anything else in the Web3 Stack related to the technology empowering web3. If you’re planning a meetup, we’d love to offer you a pro meetup Polkadot account to help you run it.

The Global Meetup Program and Meetup information

To help facilitate the growth of the Polkadot and web3 community, we’ve created a Meetup Kit. This is an all-inclusive resource to help you host your event. With the kit, you’ll learn all about the best ways to run a meetup, how meetups work, and the types of meetups we’ve seen work well. You can find our meetup kit on github.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Global Meetup Program, so we can help empower the community to host meetups around the world.

There are two things we’re hoping to achieve with these community-led meetups. First, we want to give our community the resources needed to organize successful meetups. But we also want to encourage grassroots initiatives designed to grow Polkadot and the Web3 ecosystem.

Wondering which topics to discuss? Here are a few ideas:

  • Building a custom blockchain with Substrate
  • A general overview of Polkadot and what all makes it unique
  • New governance systems with different styles of voting & democracy

As a community member, you’re incredibly important for the success of Polkadot and Web3, and you play a valuable role when it comes to building a stronger ecosystem. That’s why we want to help by providing the resources you need to increase awareness and grow the community.

Wherever you’re located, we can help you with your community event. While you should feel free to organize these independently, we’d also love to help out with some of the costs associated with these meetups. We also have some awesome swag which we’d love to send for your meetup.

Here are a few requirements for your requests:

  • Must have over 10 in attendance for consideration of swag
  • We send swag (Stickers, camera covers, and signs) + t-shirts for any meetups with over 25 in attendance.
  • Reimbursements are possible, and meetups with more than ten people will be considered for reimbursement of expenses. Please include all information when filling out the form, as this needs to be agreed upon before your meetup takes place.
  • If you don’t have a meetup account but can do recurring meetups in your city, we can provide a Pro account, or consider your local regions best platform. (Required commitment of at least quarterly meetups)

Please fill out the below form to let us know about your event. After you submit your form, our team will evaluate your event for reimbursement purposes.

We look forward to hearing about your meetups and seeing how you’ll become part of the community and help us grow!

Apply here.

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