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Parity joins forces with Aventus to bring blockchain to businesses

August 31, 2022 in Product, Ecosystem, Corporate

Parity Technologies, a decentralized infrastructure provider for Web3 which enables blockchains to operate together at scale, has joined forces with enterprise-grade blockchain Aventus Network to bring blockchain offerings to the enterprise sector.

Individually, both Aventus and Parity place a strong emphasis on better enabling businesses and enterprises to capitalize on blockchain technology and benefit from the opportunities it presents. Together, Aventus and Parity will create enterprise applications to be built on top of the Aventus Network, which is planning to migrate to Parity’s Polkadot ecosystem next month.

The teams will join forces to expand the Polkadot ecosystem, and drive additional blockchain adoption across Aventus’ existing enterprise use cases, including loyalty, video games, aviation, ticketing and NFTs – for which Aventus already holds exclusive rights to a number of major blockbuster films.

The collaboration will leverage existing synergies between the two blockchain companies, including a joint focus on interoperability and sustainability. In addition, the Aventus Network is built on the Polkadot tech stack supported by Parity.

The two organizations are already working together on various applications.

Siddharth Singhal, Head of Enterprise at Parity Technologies, said: “Blockchain adoption has come a long way over the last decade, but there are still challenges ahead when it comes to mainstreaming the technology, particularly when it comes to adoption and integration by businesses. But with our research-grade material and Aventus’ user-friendly, modular approach to bringing blockchain to businesses, we’re confident that we can open the doors for businesses to truly benefit from the benefits of blockchain on a mass scale.”

Alan Vey, Founder and Chairman of Aventus, added: “Blockchain has the potential to change the face of the way that businesses operate entirely, allowing them to future-proof their operations and maximize their revenue streams in a way never before seen in our lifetimes. But currently, a lack of simplicity and ease of use are creating barriers to entry. Through this synergy with Parity, we are excited to scale our mission of bringing accessible, secure and sustainable enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to businesses.”

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