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Polkadot opens NYC Hacker House applications

June 5, 2022 in Community, Ecosystem

The event will be filled with technical workshops, in-person support, mentorship and networking opportunities.

Participants are asked to make a submission to the ongoing Polkadot Hackathon: North America which offers a huge range of generous cash prizes provided by the Polkadot Treasury and various ecosystem teams. The total prize pool is in excess of $600,000.

Polkadot Hacker House will be held at Industry City in Brooklyn and is an extension of the ongoing Polkadot Hackathon: North America Edition, giving this otherwise virtual event a centre-point featuring networking opportunities


Space is limited, so applicants are invited to sign up to Polkadot Hacker House as soon as possible. During the course of the six days, a broad range of workshops will provide technical deep dives into various topics, ranging from Substrate, ink! and XCM to parachain-specific development.

Urban Osvald, Growth Manager, Web3 Foundation, said: “The Polkadot Hacker House offers a rare opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the brilliant minds of the Polkadot ecosystem.”

“From workshops to in-person mentorship, the event offers a unique immersion opportunity. Unfortunately, spots are highly limited so be sure to apply as soon as possible!”

The wider hackathon, which continues to July 11th, is part of a Global Series that kicked off last year in APAC. Submissions for the Polkadot Hackathon: North America are invited in five main categories, as follows.

  1. Interfaces & Experiences
  2. DAO & Governance
  3. Web3 & Tooling
  4. DeFi
  5. NFTs

In addition, almost two dozen challenges and prizes from various Polkadot ecosystem teams are available for hackers to explore and compete in. This takes the total prize pool to over $600,000. Make sure to apply and start hacking.

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