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sub0, the Polkadot developer conference, returns to Lisbon

August 24, 2023 in Events

Polkadot, the blockspace ecosystem for boundless innovation, is preparing to return to Lisbon’s LX Factory (September 19-20) for its annual developer conference, sub0, as great minds shaping the way for Web3 come together to share great ideas.

sub0 serves as the focal point for developers building at every level of the Polkadot tech stack - from custom layer-1 blockchains to dapps and smart contracts, infrastructure, tooling, cross-chain interoperability solutions, and more.

The conference helps developers learn how to leverage Polkadot’s secure, flexible, composable, efficient, cost-effective blockspace and understand why it’s crucial for the success of Web3.

sub0 serves the following groups:

  • Rust devs & blockchain engineers - who can engage in interactive workshops, while exploring all the benefits of building on Polkadot & Substrate
  • Smart contract devs - building cross-chain composable dapps with Solidity/EVM or Polkadot’s native Rust-based Wasm smart contracts for added performance
  • Students & devs moving from Web2 - who can learn from top minds in the blockchain space and kick-start their new careers

Stefan Sopic, Head of Engineering at Parity Technologies, a leading contributor to Polkadot said: “sub0 brings together so many brilliant developers from around the ecosystem and wider cryptoverse, who are really the heart and soul of the Web3 movement Polkadot is leading. This year has seen a lot of impactful adoption and growth across both enterprise and Web3 native teams, so sub0 will be a great opportunity for the community to come together, share knowledge, and welcome all those who are new to the ecosystem or just polka-curious. As in previous years we’ll surely see a boost to the collaborative spirit that sets this community apart, helping fuel Polkadot’s unstoppable evolution as the #1 blockspace ecosystem for innovation.”

Attendees will receive NFTs created by Sovereign Nature Initiative, showcasing the power of tying the digital realm to real-life concerns. The NFTs feature eco-data produced by the Portuguese marine conservation organization AIMM so attendees can connect with a beautiful marine companion and verify the ecological impact of their contribution.

One important feature of sub0 will be different zones at the event venue where different groups can convene if they so wish:

  • Starter Space - for those new to Polkadot, Substrate, Web3, and blockchain
  • Builder Space - for builders already familiar with the Polkadot tech stack
  • Demo stations - for discovering the technology powering specific use cases

There are also meeting rooms and a networking area, and the Polkadot Events app will allow attendees to personalize their sub0 experience and easily connect with other members of the community, both those in Lisbon and others joining sub0 virtually.

About Polkadot
Polkadot is the blockspace ecosystem for boundless innovation. It enables Web3’s biggest innovators to get their ideas to market fast, with flexible costs and the industry’s most flexible token options. By making blockchain technology secure, composable, flexible, efficient, and cost-effective, Polkadot is powering the movement for a better web.

About Sovereign Nature Initiative
Sovereign Nature Initiative is a non-profit working to achieve a thriving planet by reconfiguring nature's value. We build at the intersection of ecology, economy, and Web3 technologies, and seek to open minds to radical approaches toward sustainability and to make nature's agency profitable for all.

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