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Web3 Foundation partners with edX for Polkadot educational courses

October 10, 2022 in Community, Corporate

The Web3 Foundation, in partnership with edX, the global online learning platform from 2U, Inc. (Nasdaq: TWOU), has launched Web3X, a series of foundational courses in blockchain technology and the Polkadot platform.

The four-part series begins by covering the fundamentals of blockchain technology and then looks specifically at the Polkadot network, before later courses explore the Substrate software development kit and the Rust programming language.

Over the past decade, edX has brought tens of millions of learners around the globe access to world-class education from the top universities and institutions globally at, making it a natural partner for Web3 Foundation in helping to educate the broadest possible audience on the future of the web.

Bertrand Perez, CEO of Web3 Foundation, said: “Education is one of the most important foundation pillars for Web3. It’s extremely important that we continue to provide key knowledge around the fundamentals of both Web3 technology and the Polkadot network to help guide the next generation of talented builders, developers and entrepreneurs in the blockchain sector.

“Part of this ongoing process is to launch partnerships with established educators and we are confident that edX has the right attributes to form a valuable long-term collaboration with Web3 Foundation.”

Anant Agarwal, edX Founder and 2U Chief Platform Officer, said: “We are excited to welcome Web3 Foundation to the global community of edX partners. edX and Web3 Foundation are both dedicated to increasing access to educational opportunities that help learners unlock their potential in in-demand fields like blockchain. We look forward to launching additional courses in the future.”

The first course, Introduction to Blockchain and Web3, is designed to initially build a foundational knowledge and foster the skills required to understand and experiment with developments in the blockchain space and Web3.

It explains the history and key terminology of blockchains, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Web3, and then takes a deep dive into the technology that powers blockchains. It is appropriate for learners from all backgrounds.

The second course, Introduction to Polkadot, has been developed by the Technical Education team at Web3 Foundation, and provides a comprehensive overview of Polkadot, its technology, and ecosystem.

Learners are introduced to the key terminology and are shown how to interact with the Polkadot network with numerous hands-on activities. Later, they explore the concepts of shared security, interoperability, cryptography, consensus, and the networking aspects of Polkadot.

Find out more about the courses on the Web3X website.

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