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Introducing the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program

June 25, 2023
Avatarby Polkadot

Polkadot is uniting a growing ecosystem around the shared mission of building a better web, and in the past few years has attracted a vibrant community of developers who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Web3. Building upon this momentum is the new Polkadot Developer Heroes Program.

This program aims to give more power to Polkadot developers and unlock their potential, to ask for and provide more help while improving their skills, to grow and evolve in their career and passion and to build an even stronger community.

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What is the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program about?

The program’s goal is to build a strong collaborative community of Polkadot developers, from new joiners to advanced levels, to drive the growth and evolution of the Polkadot ecosystem, and in the meantime, to recognize, support, and elevate exceptional developers.

How does it work?

The program welcomes anyone with developer experience. All are invited to participate and contribute, regardless of background or experience, to become rookies (beginners) and heroes later on.

Rookies and heroes play a pivotal role in the Heroes program and in the future of Polkadot as well. They are proving their dedication and interest in the technology by sharing their knowledge and helping others seeking information about technical topics.

Why should you join?

The program aims to provide you with access to exciting opportunities for your personal and professional growth. Moreover, it offers various resources and support systems designed to facilitate your growth and evolution as a developer. Participating is a great opportunity to showcase and enhance your skills, build upon your existing knowledge, and further establish yourself as a valued contributor within the Polkadot community while giving back at the same time.

How does a Polkadot Developer Rookie become a Hero?

A rookie becomes a hero by actively advocating for the technology of the Polkadot ecosystem, including building independent Substrate chains, ink! development, building Polkadot-related tooling, etc., effectively spreading awareness and educating a broader audience about the technology.

Depending on what you enjoy doing, there can be many ways to be regularly active. Here are some examples:

Offer mentoring
Be available for 1:1 or group mentoring to fellow community members, support their projects and answer their questions.

Help out on the community forums
Answer questions on the Substrate and Polkadot StackExchange or help finding answers to technical questions on the Polkadot Forum. The kindest way to contribute is to give back — sharing is caring!

Contribute to the Polkadot stack
Take a look at the list of the open source tech stack and contribute with a pull request, write an issue, find and fix bugs, whatever you find the most interesting. Contribution is key in the life of an open source community.

Create content
Write a blogpost, record a video or a podcast, post a tweet. Any kind of technical content around Polkadot counts! Share about your latest coding successes, something you have discovered or understood, anything that helps the developer community to learn and grow.

Speak at events
Do a workshop or share your knowledge at a session at meetups and conferences.

The exact ways of contributing and advancing in the program will be released later.

How can I be part of it?

This is an open program for any developers seeking and offering ways to grow the ecosystem’s collective technical intelligence. If you are interested in receiving help to further improve your knowledge about the Polkadot ecosystem, or if you would like to be giving support and mentoring others in what you know the best, this is your place to be.

When is it launching?

While there's no exact launch date set, if you sign up, you’ll get an update in your inbox in the coming weeks with more information. Until that - keep contributing!

Interested in developing for or building on Polkadot? Get in touch for hands-on support.

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