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A Walkthrough of Polkadot’s Governance

Note: Everything described here is subject to change before Polkadot’s initial mainnet launch, which is targeted for the end of 2019 depending on security audits and launch provisions outside of our control. It is also very likely that once Polkadot goes live, the network will upgrade the governance mechanisms described here. To stay up-to-date, follow Polkadot on Twitter for future announcements or keep an eye on the Polkadot Wiki, where the details of the governance mechanisms will be updated


Akropolis Launches Proof-of-Concept Chain Using Substrate

The Akropolis team launched a Substrate-based chain earlier this year for their DeFi protocol. Akropolis intends to participate in a parachain slot auction after the Polkadot main net launch.


Launching Worldwide Polkadot & Web3 Community Meetups

The Polkadot and Web3 community has grown significantly in 2019, with community events taking place around the world. We want to encourage these events and help facilitate them, so together, we can grow the global Web3 community.


Join the Polkadot Ambassador Program

If you want to become deeply integrated into the Polkadot community, join the Polkadot Ambassador Program!


Polkadot Parachain Slots

As Polkadot gets closer to mainnet launch, the Web3 Foundation is increasingly receiving inquiries about parachains: the initial allocation and the steps a project takes to become a parachain. The following is a working document that includes a draft plan for a fair parachain distribution at launch as well as an explanation of how Polkadot will handle additional parachain slot availability in the future. We have sent an earlier version of this document to a number of projects building on Polkad


PolkaDAO is live!

Since the inception of PolkaDAO we’ve seen an incredible amount of support from teams and individuals signaling their support. Today we’re excited to announce that PolkaDAO is officially live!


Apply to Audit Polkadot's Runtime

This RFP document sets out the bidding instructions, requirements and deliverables for auditors who wish to submit a proposal to undertake this contract.


Polkadot Proof of Concept 4 arrives with new ways to stake

Polkadot Proof of Concept 4 arrives with new ways to stake In April, Polkadot’s Alexander testnet underwent a successful runtime upgrade that adds new features to the Polkadot relay chain. Proof-of-Concept 4 is here and comes with new staking features that make running a validator on Polkadot much more secure and customizable. Staking A healthy proof-of-stake system needs a high number of validators and a large percentage of capital locked up in staking to secure the network. Proof-of-Concep


Announcing PolkaDAO: Fund Your Project!

We believe that community-led projects are the the most beneficial initiatives for an open-source ecosystem. Anyone can create a project in an open-source community, leading to a higher level of creativity and serving as inspiration for others to get involved. PolkaDAO is a user-led platform for the Polkadot community, offering funding for projects and ideas that would otherwise not get built. Join the community discussing PolkaDAO on Discord and DAOtalk Forum. Background Web3 Foundation is e


Preparing for Polkadot’s Launch with Substrate

Polkadot’s launch is fast approaching. Even though the mainnet isn’t live yet, you can start developing a blockchain with Substrate today and connect it to Polkadot at launch. Substrate is the best on-ramp to deploying a blockchain, or dAppchain, on Polkadot. This blog will explain a bit about Substrate and how developers can get started today. TL;DR Substrate removes the barriers to creating a blockchain. Any blockchain built with Substrate will be natively compatible with Polkadot, so when t


Katallassos Moves Towards A Polkadot Parachain

Today Katallassos is announcing their implementation on Substrate. By building on Substrate, Katallossos is making the first step towards deploying a Polkadot parachain and connecting to the global network of blockchains. Katallassos aims to be a financial node in Polkadot’s relay chain system, focusing on building a standard framework for finance. Katallassos implements the Algorithmic Contract Types Unified Standard (ACTUS) into a specialized blockchain. The goal of ACTUS is to break down the