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Parachain Dispatch: August 2023

August 1, 2023 in Polkadot, Ecosystem
Avatarby Polkadot

Welcome to the latest edition of the Parachain Dispatch, a recap of recent news and developments from Polkadot’s parachains. Read below to find out how Polkadot teams are pushing the boundaries of Web3. All updates are sourced directly from and written by the Polkadot parachain teams themselves.*


Building the liquidity layer for web3 finance that is captive and sustainable.

  • Unveiled Acala 2.0 Exodus Upgrade to build the liquidity layer for web3 finance. Read more
  • Upgraded to 2.18.0. MultichainAssetRouter 1.0 powered by XCM and Wormhole will be live soon, enabling asset transfer between any supported L1/L2. Read more

Ajuna Network

Decentralized gaming platform integrating on-chain functionality with leading development engines Unreal & Unity.

  • Launched Awesome Ajuna Avatars Season 2! Embark on an epic journey with the Pets of the Season 1 Avatars and craft them to Legendary status. Learn more

Astar Network

Astar is a scalable decentralized blockchain for the next big Web3 innovations.

  • Startale secured $3.5M in seed funding from Sony Network Communications, forming a Capital Alliance to Build Web3 Infrastructure! Read more
  • Astar 2.0 promises to empower billions with an unstoppable network of governance, blockchain development, and leading enterprises. Read more
  • Japan Round-up! All you need to know about Web3 in Japan! Read more
  • Community Call: The Astar Foundation and Startale Labs explain Astar 2.0 direction. Watch the replay
  • The community has saved 1668 robots so far! Create your cure Pink Robot NFT on Astar with AI technology. Learn more


Onboards enterprises to Web3, enabling them to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, and future-proof their business.

  • Leading electronic music platform Beatport launched a marketplace on Aventus for artists and labels to share music and art. Check it out
  • Announced the Wolf of Wall Street Experience, an unprecedented marriage between Hollywood, Web3 and iconic brands. Read more
  • Announced strategic alliance with Vodafone to reduce missing baggage at Heathrow Airport. Read more

Bifrost Finance

A decentralized, non-custodial cross-chain liquid staking protocol for 9+ blockchains and beyond.

  • Bifrost has optimized the latest Dapp UI to make it easier for users to switch between wallet connections on different networks. Read more
  • Bifrost has successfully repaid its 50,000 KSM loan and one year staking rewards back to the Kusama treasury. Read more
  • Bifrost & Astar launched a $7,000 joint Bounty at the Summer 2023 Polkadot Hackathon. The Dandelion team won 3rd place at Demo Day. Read more
  • Bifrost and Moonbeam launched a joint bounty worth $3000 at the Polkadot Hackathon APAC. Read more


Real-world DeFi: The onchain ecosystem for structured credit.

  • Announcing The Real-World Asset Summit on Sept. 19th: bringing together TradFi and DeFi to dive into tokenization, credit, and crypto.
  • Centrifuge Q2: 2x product launches, on-chain credit dominance, the RWA Summit, great progress in DAO decentralization, and more. Read more
  • Introducing Centrifuge Prime: Everything DAOs, stablecoins, and protocols need to onboard real-world assets. Read more
  • Cofounder Lucas Vogelsang's EthCC reflections: Welcome to RWA Summer. Read more

Composable Finance

Dedicated to improving the accessibility, efficiency and security of the blockchain industry.

  • Launched the first trustless connection between the Polkadot, Kusama, and Cosmos Ecosystems. Now live on Read more
  • Brought together thought-leaders from both Polkadot and Cosmos in recent discussion with Polkadot founder Robert Habermeier. Listen here
  • The Composable CosmWasm VM is live on Picasso! This marks the first time CosmWasm has been integrated into Polkadot/Kusama. Read more
  • Launched and introduced several connections between Picasso and Cosmos chains. Read more
  • Users can now use Composable's to interact with Secret Network, Crescent Hub, and Neutron from the Cosmos ecosystem! Read more

Crust Network

Decentralized cloud storage protocol. One of the largest decentralized storage systems.

  • Crust Cloud is live, redefining cloud storage as middleware in the Web3 space: each storage bucket and IPFS gateway designed as an NFT. Read more
  • Host your website for free for the next 100 years and help boost Web3 adoption. Join the initiative by Apillon and Crust Network. Read more
  • Successfully secured seven-figure funding from DWF Labs to further enhance infrastructure and expand operations. Read more
  • Launching the “Global Community Gateway Collection” program to optimize response speed and enhance user storage experience. Read more
  • Partnered with ColdStack, which provides its users with simple and secure decentralized cloud data storage, to integrate Crust Cloud. Read more

Darwinia Network

Darwinia is a cross-chain programmable network that provides two essential solutions: Darwinia Chain and Darwinia Msgport.

  • Darwinia2 has been successfully upgraded, merging the Darwinia solo chain and the Darwinia parachain into Darwinia2! Read more
  • New Darwinia website: Dive into the world of Darwinia and discover the EVM-compatible Darwinia Chain (Darwinia2) and Darwinia Msgport. Read more
  • Darwinia Chain achieves a major milestone: sudo removal and decentralization. Read more
  • Unveiling the community RPC experimental program by DCDAO: empowering Darwinia’s community-driven ecosystem. Read more
  • Harnessing the power of Snapshot and Darwinia Chain: building a DAO on Darwinia Chain. Read more


Next-gen DeFi protocol bringing an ocean of liquidity to Polkadot.

  • Launched DCA, allowing users to gain exposure to major Polkadot assets (ZTG, ASTR, CFG) by spreading their trades over time.
  • Hydrate Your Treasury: B2B program allowing parachains to provide their tokens to the HydraDX Omnipool in a trustless, non-custodial way. Read more
  • Centrifuge was the first Web3 project to trustlessly provide liquidity directly from its Treasury into an AMM (the HydraDX Omnipool). Read more
  • The HydraDX OTC feature enables anyone to place an over-the-counter order for any registered asset against a predetermined price.
  • Polkadot Assurance Legion (PAL): a new initiative to make the Polkadot space more secure and Substrate more attractive to new builders. Read more


Interlay is a one-stop-shop for all things Bitcoin DeFi.

  • Interlay Bitcoin DeFi Hub is now live! Unlock the true potential of your Bitcoin in DeFi. Try it out
  • CoinDesk covered the Interlay DeFi Hub launch, check out the article. Read more
  • To celebrate the launch, we've announced a Zealy raffle with exciting BTC rewards. Learn more
  • Liquidity Pools on the Bitcoin DeFi Hub crossed $1 Million in TVL within 48 hours of launch! Read more
  • The DeFi Hub brings several UI/UX improvements to Interlay, setting a new standard of DeFi User Experience. Read more

KILT Protocol

KILT provides secure, practical identity solutions for enterprise, government, and consumers.

  • Will provide decentralized digital identity infrastructure for project DIVE – Digital Identities as Trust Anchors in the Energy System by dena. Read more
  • Proposal passed: DIP provides building blocks to establish an open cross-chain identity ecosystem, allowing parachains to share identities. Read more
  • Announced Polimec as the first use case for reusable KYC credentials, only 8 weeks after our initial announcement with Deloitte. Read more


Moonsama is the multichain protocol enabling rapid building for NFT applications.

  • Officially launched its Gaming Platform beta version, providing a platform for gamers to host and participate in tournaments. Read more
  • Raresama NFT marketplace received a major update incorporating multiple social features in its mission to become the most social NFT marketplace. Read more
  • Tech stack integrated with Beat Pressure, a rhythm-based game bringing utility to music NFTs, enabling players to both listen and play along. Read more
  • Pondsama, one of the most played games in Moonsama's ecosystem, received a major update introducing a balance patch and combat animations. Read more
  • Moonsama partnered with the Sovereign Nature Initiative to launch 400 Lion NFTs, using Moonsama's tech for wildlife preservation. Read more

OAK Network

OAK Network is a blockchain automation hub that enables multi-chain applications to automate single or recurring transactions.

  • OAK’s Turing Network automation powers the Yield Bay Autocompounder dapp on Mangata Finance. Read more
  • Moonriver and Turing parachains on Kusama opened an HRMP channel to create EVM smart contract automation functionality using XCM! Read more
  • Celebrated the 1-year anniversary of its ambassadors' program by publishing a year-in-review article. Read more
  • Published an ecosystem update including recent speaking appearances and important submissions for development. Read more


The Decentralized Knowledge Graph enabling a universe of AI-ready Knowledge Assets.

  • Shared a demo of how builders can easily build applications using OriginTrail Knowledge Assets & LangChain leveraging ChatDKG open framework. Read more
  • Showed how trusted AI based on discoverable and verifiable OriginTrail Knowledge Assets can enhance the sustainability of healthcare. Read more
  • New OriginTrail look enables users to discover how the trusted knowledge foundation will improve AI systems across various industries. Read more
  • Released an updated roadmap that outlines the path from V6 to V8. Read more


The go-to blockchain for real-world applications.

  • peaq won Polkadot parachain auction 45.
  • Web3 Tesla-Sharing: 100 tokenized Teslas came to peaq and Polkadot.
  • peaq and linked Polkadot and Cosmos via AI agents.
  • peaq’s sister chain, krest, went live on Kusama and is being listed in August.
  • NATIX, one of the world’s fastest-growing DePINs, joined the peaqosystem.

Phala Network

Phala Network is a decentralized off-chain compute infrastructure like no other.

  • Liquidity transfer proposed via Governance system: 1.5M PHA to be transferred from ChainBridge reserve account to SygmaBridge reserve account. Read more
  • Sygma Bridge successfully integrated into SubBridge! Enjoy 6x faster confirmations and 1/3 of the gas cost, saving over 70% in fees. Read more
  • Another 500,000 K-PHA transfer will happen from the ChainBridge reserve account to the SygmaBridge reserve account again on Khala! Read more
  • First Blueprint, LensAPI Oracle, successfully integrated into Lens Protocol documentation, a major milestone for #PhatContract use! Read more
  • Released the monthly Phala Newsletter for June. Read more


An interoperable, non-custodial, orderbook-based DEX for the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond.

  • Over 2.3k Polkadex Crowdloan contributors can now claim their PDEX crowdloan rewards. Read more
  • The Polkadex parachain is now connected to Asset Hub via bidirectional XCM channels thanks to the passing of Referendum #123. Read more
  • The binaries containing Orderbook & THEA have been deployed to the Polkadex network with successful runtime upgrades. Read more


Subsocial is the social layer of the internet, focused on smooth UX.

  • saw lots of updates, including support for linking EVM accounts, donations, NFT & image support, and notifications. Read more
  • The Subsocial Spacer NFTs were minted on Moonbeam. Read more
  • Our Off-Chain Signer allows people to use Subsocial without tokens, wallets, or transaction confirmation pop-ups. Read more
  • FrenTube has launched on Subsocial, functioning as a decentralized video sharing platform. Check it out
  • Subsocial's Open Communication Layer allows for unified chats to be viewed from multiple different applications. Read more


A multichain protocol that brings fail-safe interoperable execution and smart contract composability to the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond.

  • Introducing Snorkel: Trustless Access to Cross-Chain States with t3rn. Read more
  • Learn how t3rn leverages Eth2 light client data for trustless oracles, ensuring on-chain data consistency and bridging the gap with prominent DEXs. Watch the Decoded talk
  • Read the June edition of Multichain Matters, our monthly newsletter where we provide updates on our latest advancements. Read more

Unique Network

A sustainable blockchain ecosystem with the most advanced NFT infrastructure.

  • We've relaunched the Unique NFT marketplace with improved features, such as advanced NFT customization and royalties for creators. Read more
  • Our staking hub is live, allowing users to easily stake UNQ and QTZ tokens, support the network ecosystem, and earn up to 20% APY. Read more
  • Partnered with women's designer clothing brand Dundas for Paris Fashion Week and award-winning director Victoria Bousis for SXSW.
  • Debut of our EVM-coder which streamlines smart contract development by abstracting encoding and decoding tasks for Rust developers. Read more
  • Released our Unity and Mobile SDKs, interactive software kits for game development and the creation of iOS and Android dApps.

Zeitgeist Prediction Markets

Zeitgeist is an advanced prediction markets protocol that offers a powerful SDK.

  • Zeitgeist will soon launch smart contracts, which will enable developers to leverage the power of decentralized prediction markets. Read more
  • The ZTG token was the first parachain asset to be available on HydraDX's Omnipool DEX! Read more
  • Zeitgeist's community program, known as the "Seer Program", is calling for new community ambassadors. Read more

For more Polkadot ecosystem news, be sure to check out the weekly Polkadot Roundup on Twitter and the monthly Polkadot Community Calls on YouTube.

* Criteria for inclusion in the Polkadot Parachain Dispatch is that teams must have won a Polkadot parachain slot auction. All Polkadot parachain teams are invited to submit up to 5 news items, though not all teams submit an update for every edition, so the updates may not represent the full spectrum of activity in the network. Updates are published in the teams’ own words, but may be edited for clarity, brevity, correctness, or compliance with Web3 Foundation’s editorial guidelines.

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