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Parachain Dispatch: March 2023

March 24, 2023 in Polkadot, Parachains
Avatarby Polkadot

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Parachain Dispatch, a regular recap of the latest news and developments from Polkadot parachains. Read below for an inside look at some of the exciting things that happened in the Polkadot ecosystem recently. All updates are sourced directly from and written by the Polkadot parachain teams themselves.*

Ajuna Network

Ajuna Network is a decentralized gaming platform that delivers real value to gamers, without compromising on gameplay.

  • We are thrilled to announce that Season 1 of AAA has officially ended with 1,090 players, 16,159 avatars, and 318,000 mints. Read more
  • AAA Season 2 is already in the works! Get ready for new features and more Avatars to mint and upgrade to legendary status! Read more
  • We are also excited to have started several new partnerships with ecosystem projects such as Subsquid, Equilibrium and Subscan. Read more
  • We also had the exciting opportunity to present our company and products live on stage at the Polkadot World Meetup in Madrid. Read more
  • Last but not least we are also thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website! Read more

Astar Network

The future of smart contracts for multichain.

  • Astar partners with Sony Network Communications to begin the Web3 Incubation Program. Read more
  • Astar launched the Astar Peers Program, an initiative that began through community discussion to decentralize network nodes. Read more
  • Astar has an event in the Cosmize metaverse to kick off the web3 Hackathon sponsored by Toyota. Read more
  • Astar reveals the third Starmap discovery: Building Reliable Infrastructure with a Mesh Network. Read more
  • Astar and Parity team up to propose the Wasm Smart Contracts Bounty, now approved by the Polkadot treasury. Read more

Bifrost Finance

Bifrost is a Web3 derivatives protocol that provides decentralized cross-chain liquidity for staked assets.

  • Bifrost and Mangata’s on-chain assets can already cross in/out on each other’s parachains. Read more
  • Bifrost is conducting a back-end joint debugging test of liquid staking token for Filecoin (vFIL) with Filecoin Storage Provider.
  • Bifrost Dapp has added a MOVR one-stop cross-chain function. Users can directly operate MOVR cross-in and cross-out in Bifrost Wallet. Read more
  • The XCM-Action module has completed the first local testing phase and can support the remote vToken minting and Swap from Pallet to EVM contract.
  • On February 24, the HRMP channel between Bifrost and Equilibrium was opened on the Polkadot ecosystem. Read more


Bitgreen facilitates compliant financing for renewable energy, eco-commodities and other impactful initiatives.

  • Bitgreen selected as a blockchain partner for carbon market registry Gold Standard’s upcoming Readiness Phase for new digital assets. Read more
  • Bitgreen launches consumer game for health and wellness sector named Habbit. Read more

Crust Network

Crust Network is providing decentralized storage & hosting services on IPFS.

  • Crust Network’s parachain is now live and connected to Polkadot. Read more
  • Crust launches native cross-chain storage services within Polkadot and beyond. Read more
  • Crust participates at ETH Denver and educates about decentralized storage. Read more
  • Crust Cloud - Redefining Web3 storage services with NFT-based storage buckets. Read more


All-in-one DeFi hub. It combines a full-fledged money market with an orderbook DEX.


Interlay is building the safest and easiest way to use Bitcoin in DeFi.

  • The Kintsugi waitlist is now open! Be first to experience true Bitcoin DeFi with lending, borrowing and trading. Read more
  • Interlay and Kintsugi have exciting news for vault operators! USDT is now an accepted collateral, helping to diversify risks across assets. Read more
  • Interlay v2 aims to make accessing decentralized BTC finance as easy as using an ATM with native DeFi functionality. Read more
  • Interlay and Kintsugi partnered with DIA to monitor iBTC and kBTC collateralization rate in real-time to ensure security and transparency. Read more
  • The Kintsugi Testnet Competition was a success with 579 participants, 522 connected wallets, and 70+ feedback. Read more

KILT Protocol

KILT provides secure, practical identity solutions for enterprise and consumers.

  • Public Pressure will use KILT for issuing public credentials to verify NFTs, and logging into the Public Pressure Marketplace. Read more


A decentralized cross-chain identity aggregator focused on privacy.

  • Litentry's new website is now live and we've started to onboard launching partners for the IdentityHub. Start the conversation. Read more
  • Litentry is looking for identity pioneers who want to test our closed alpha version of the IdentityHub. Sign up for early access. Read more
  • Learn about trusted execution environments (TEEs) and how this technology can be used for privacy preserving identity management. Read more

Manta Network

Manta Network is the layer one blockchain that brings programmable privacy to Web3 using zero-knowledge proofs.

  • We have concluded the incentivized testnet v3 and MantaPay will launch soon on Calamari. Read more
  • Manta Network held the biggest zk (zero-knowledge) event at ETHDenver. Read more
  • Manta Network started the launch sequence; its parachain slot is secured. Read more
  • More incentives releasing with the official launch of MantaPay on Calamari.


Moonbeam is a smart contract platform for cross-chain connected applications that unites functionality from Ethereum, Polkadot, and beyond.

  • Moonbuilders Academy course now available for learning to extract historical on-chain data with Subsquid's indexing SDK & archives. Read more
  • DAM Finance launched on Moonbeam as the first globally shared liquidity layer between Polkadot & Ethereum. Read more
  • Moonbeam DApp V2 was released bringing new features like easy-to-navigate sections and a visible workflow for cross-chain transfers. Read more
  • The first implementation of OpenGov on Moonriver passed via community vote, to be battle-tested before being proposed on Moonbeam. Read more


Nodle connects the physical world to Web3 by using smartphones as edge nodes.

  • Nodle unveiled the Smart Missions Vision Paper, connecting Web3 to the physical world. Read more

OAK Network

Oak Network is a blockchain automation hub for DeFi and payments built on Parity Substrate.

  • OAK Network's integration with Mangata pioneers parachain cross-chain functionality for the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems. Read more
  • Turing Network’s Dynamic Dispatch enables workflow automation with infinitely recurring transactions. Read more


OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making the global economy work sustainably by organizing trusted AI-grade knowledge assets.

  • OriginTrail Parachain is becoming a semantic web hub to help Web3 teams bring the Decentralized Knowledge Graph to their blockchains. Read more
  • OriginTrail (TRAC) has been listed on Binance.US. Read more
  • OriginTrail is boosting network effects across Polkadot - AMA. Read more
  • Network update - more than 100,000 Knowledge Assets indexed by the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph. Read more
  • OriginTrail was invited to Google Web3 Talks. Read more


Pendulum is an interoperable blockchain that aims to connect fiat to the DeFi ecosystem.

  • Pendulum is live on Polkadot mainnet, marking a significant milestone for the project and its community. Read more
  • The Spacewalk bridge connecting the Polkadot ecosystem and Stellar will go live on Amplitude, before launching on Pendulum. Read more
  • The 0xAmber Forex-optimized AMM will be the first dapp launch on Pendulum, allowing cost-efficient Forex swaps. Read more
  • The PEN token will list on the MEXC CEX, marking the final phase of the PEN launch roadmap. Read more

Phala Network

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

  • Phala Network released its detailed roadmap for 2023 packed with new features and improvements. Read more
  • Launched the Phala Builders Program, providing funding, technical guidance, and marketing support for innovative projects to build on Phala. Read more
  • Phala’s Ambassador Program is accepting applications. Read more
  • Phala Network announced a novel plan to share regular details on the computing power stats of the network. Read more
  • PhalaWorld's official website upgrade was complete, and some new functions went live. Read more


An interoperable, non-custodial, orderbook-based DEX for the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond.

  • Kaizen, Polkadex's testnet parachain, was onboarded to Rococo, paving the way for testnet XCM connections to other parachains and more. Read more
  • Polkadex Q1 milestones: over 5,000 native PDEX holders, more than 4 million PDEX locked in staking, and 200 live blockchain nodes. Read more
  • Polkadex partnered with fellow parachain Crust Network on decentralized data storage for Polkadex Orderbook. Read more
  • The Kusamarian did a deep dive on Polkadex with one of the most popular episodes in their AlphaShots series so far. Read more


Subsocial is building the underlying architecture for next-gen social apps.

  • Polkassembly has partnered with Subsocial to move Polkadot governance discussions on-chain using Subsocial's decentralized backend. Read more
  • Multiple improvements were made to Subsocial's architecture and developer experience, allowing ecosystem devs greater flexibility. Read more
  • Post4Ever was launched on Subsocial, allowing users to easily save tweets on the blockchain, protecting them from censorship. Read more
  • Sub.ID now lets users easily stake their DOT or KSM tokens with the new Validator Staking feature for native, non-custodial staking.
  • A summary of the developments from Batch 1 of the Sub.ID treasury proposal was posted, and discussion around Batch 2 began. Read more

Unique Network

Experience the next level of NFT ownership and value with Unique Network.

  • Unique Network partners with Polkadot and UME Studios to help DUNDAS launch 340 PoAPs during Paris Fashion Week. Read more
  • Unique Network partners with Subsquid for advanced data tooling and on-chain data extraction. Read more
  • The Unique Unity SDK: a step forward for Web3 game developers. Read more
  • RFT functionality added to Unique Wallet and Unique Scan. Read more

Watr Protocol

Watr is the digital commons for commodities, housing the next generation ecosystem for natural resources and how we consume.

  • Collaboration announced between Neo and Trovio Group to build a fully regulated, decentralized marketplace for commodities exclusively on Watr pending regulatory approvals. Read more
  • Watr launching Watrfront multimedia platform to engage builders, ecosystem partners, and industry leaders on real world use cases.
  • Watr is working with Applied Blockchain to develop the first Web3 commodities marketplace for physical delivery on Watr protocol. Read more
  • The Watr protocol runtime and node audit was successfully completed by CoinFabrik.


Zeitgeist is a decentralized prediction market protocol in the Polkadot ecosystem.

  • Zeitgeist is migrating from Kusama to Polkadot's Relay Chain and we expect to be fully functional on Polkadot by March 2023. Read more

For a closer look at Polkadot’s parachains and the innovations they’re bringing to Web3, be sure to also check out the recent series, A Year in Parachains:

* Criteria for inclusion in the Polkadot Parachain Dispatch is that teams must have won a Polkadot parachain slot auction. All Polkadot parachain teams are invited to submit up to 5 news items, though not all teams submit an update for every edition, so the updates may not represent the full spectrum of activity in the network. Updates are published in the teams’ own words, but may be edited for clarity, correctness, or compliance with Web3 Foundation’s editorial guidelines.

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