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Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

To close out the year, we asked colleagues across the Polkadot Launch Team to reflect on their work in 2019 and discuss what part of their work they’re most looking forward to in 2020. We’re excited to share their answers (some serious and some light-hearted!) with you below.


Have a TEE with Polkadot

Hello from the SubstraTEE team at Supercomputing Systems AG! In this post we’d like to introduce key concepts of trusted off-chain computing. We’ll show what you can do with our tool, SubstraTEE, today and what our vision is for future applications.


Announcing the Polkadot Ecosystem Fund

San Francisco & Zug ― Web3 Foundation and Polychain Capital are joining forces to launch the Polkadot Ecosystem Fund during San Francisco Blockchain Week. The fund is a Polychain-operated investment vehicle jointly capitalized by Web3 Foundation and Polychain.


Launching Worldwide Polkadot & Web3 Community Meetups

The Polkadot and Web3 community has grown significantly in 2019, with community events taking place around the world. We want to encourage these events and help facilitate them, so together, we can grow the global Web3 community.


Join the Polkadot Ambassador Program

If you want to become deeply integrated into the Polkadot community, join the Polkadot Ambassador Program!