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Polkadot Blockchain Academy

Polkadot Blockchain Academy Adds Remote Option for Select Students

PBA introduces a remote learning option for the Wave 5 Developers Track. Become a skilled Polkadot developer from the comfort of your home.

Polkadot Blockchain Academy

Polkadot Blockchain Academy: Targeted Education for Builders and Founders

Polkadot Blockchain Academy, which celebrates its second birthday later this year, is already meeting the needs of two distinct Web3 groups.


Making History: An Overview of the First Five Parachain Slot Auctions on Kusama

This post provides important background information on the candle auctions and crowdloan mechanisms for these slots and recaps what happened during the first five auctions.


Research Update: The Case for Candle Auctions

A look at why candle auctions are the most suitable form for blockchain auctions, as seen in recent research done at the Web3 Foundation.


Nominating and Validator Selection on Polkadot

Nominating and validator selection are crucial parts of user interaction with Polkadot. This post presents background information on nominating and things to consider when selecting validators.


Polkadot Research Update

Several articles have recently been added to the Web3 Foundation research portal covering individual subprotocols of the Polkadot decentralized blockchain platform: nominated proof of stake (NPoS), time consensus and GRANDPA (the finality gadget implemented for the relay chain).