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Staking Updates

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Staking Updates

Staking Update: September 2021

By Kian Paimani, Parity Technologies Overview This month’s main focus was the completion and merge of the semi-sorted-list (aka. bags-list) pull request. We already mentioned this in the August update. As noted, this will allow any restrictions on the `nominate` transaction to be removed again, and allow many more nominators to set their *intention* to nominate, and leave it to the sorted list to determine the top 22500 (or whatever the limit may be). This sorting functionality is extremely i

Staking Updates

Staking Update: August 2021

By Kian Paimani, Parity Technologies * This month's main focus was on a PR that will allow the staking pallet to maintain a semi-sorted list of all nominators. This will allow governance to remove the count limit on nominators (or increase it significantly) and make the nominate transaction available at all times again. That being said, the sorted list will still act as an entry barrier: When the time for a staking election comes, we will only take the top x nominators, where x will most likel


Polkadot Staking: An Update

Recently, changes occurred in relation to staking on Polkadot that caused some nominators not to receive their rewards. We are working on a permanent solution and suggest an immediate alternative here.